SportsEngine Registration: Corona American Little League

2019 Spring Manager/Coach registration



Thank you for your interest in being a team Manager or Coach in Corona American Little League.




Interested in managing or coaching a team next season? Still on the fence? Take a minute to think about the reward you'll be providing the young men and women in our league. Being able to influence a young player to have the best opportunity at success is the greatest gift an adult can give. Take a minute and fill out our coaches application below, you'll thank yourself for doing so.


Manager Commitment:

As a manager for Corona American Little League you will be expected to satisfy several requirements:

  • Attend Manager Meeting(s) prior to start of season
  • Participate in CALL functions such as Opening Day
  • Handle administrative requirements of the team
  • Attend tryouts and draft team
  • Hold TEAM MEETING prior to first practice
  • Select a Team Parent
  • Take responsibility of equipment issued to you by CALL
  • Learn and abide by Little League International Rules and Regulations, as well as CALL Standing League Rules
  • Promote safety, sportsmanship and league camaraderie
  • Encourage appropriate level skill improvement
  • Represent CALL in a positive manner at all times


Coach Commitment:

  • A coach typically helps coach the team and performs any other duties as assigned by the manager


The purpose of this form is to assist the league in determining how many teams there will be for the upcoming season and to help in selection of managers.


*** Submission of this form does not guarantee an individual be given a team. It will be the discretion and the recommendation by the President and approval from the CALL Board to determine who receives a team and which division.


1. There is no seniority or tenure in serving as a manager or coach.

2. All regular season appointments expire annually.

3. The power to appoint all managers and coaches has been granted to the League President with the approval of the Board of Directors since the inception of the program.

4. All managers and coaches are directly responsible to the League President, under the direction of the Vice President of Baseball Operations.

5. The League President is responsible to the Board of Directors for the actions of all managers and coaches.

6. Reasons for not being selected as a manager or coach are not required to be given to an applicant. There is no appeal process for reconsideration.

7. Selection of managers, coaches and umpires is within the leagues’ jurisdiction and not subject to intervention from the District or Region.


***Failure to comply with the League Code of Conduct and Manager Expectations or lack of participation in mandatory league activities could lead to discipline by the League Discipline/Compliance Committee and possible game forfeitures, practice privileges revoked, removal of manager and/or suspension for league.


Please direct any questions to:

Mark Morton

President, Baseball Operations